News & Press Release Announcement From National Dance Council Of America


The following information has been received from the Series Producer of Ballroom Bootcamp -

Please note that our 1-hour preview special has been moved until the end of the summer to better take advantage of the wave of press we've been getting. This was a network decision. They moved it from July because they loved the preview so much they want to maximize it. So far, our clips have aired on E! News Live and are set to be part of a piece on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams sometime this week. We have also been mentioned in the
Washington Post, USA Today and Time Magazine.

In each episode of Ballroom Bootcamp, three everyday people from all walks of life subject themselves to an intense 5-week training program to become competitive ballroom dancers. Each person gets one-on-one instruction from a top ballroom professional who has free rein to do whatever it takes to transform their student from "Average Joe or Jane" to dancer extraordinaire. Instructors conduct extensive dance training, ambush their students at their homes or workplaces, send them to style and psychological specialists, and involve themselves in their personal lives and struggles.

After four weeks, each student is presented with a professional who will be their dance partner at an actual, real-live dance competition.  The three competitors dance against one another before judges sanctioned by the National Dance Council of
America (NDCA), and the winners qualify for a grand ball to be held at season's end.

Competitions include: The Yankee Classic in Boston, MA; the Florida State DanceSport Championships in Sarasota, FL; and the Embassy Ball in Irvine, CA.

Competitors include: A Crime Lab Investigator for the L.A. Sheriff's Department, a nurse technician, a stay-at-home mom with two children under three, and a former college football player.

Instructors: Gocha Chertkoev, Christian Perry, Susannah Cuesta

Event Commentators: Brian McDonald, president of the NDCA, and Linda Wakefield, Co-Director of the Ballroom Dance Company at
Brigham Young University.

Set to debut on TLC on October 7th.

Dean Ollins
Series Producer




Gocha Chertkoev is a world class ballroom dance competitor, choreographer and performer.  Gocha with his dance & life partner Shorena Gachechiladze continually raise the bar for technical excellence and artistic presentation of ballroom dancing in the USA and abroad.  Gocha and Shorena were the first ballroom dance couple to immigrate to the US from former USSR.

Always innovative and ground breaking, Gocha and his wife Shorena won the honor of representing the US at Blackpool, England, the most prestigious dance competition in the world, in the team match competition.  They also represented the US at the World Professional Latin Dance Championship in South Africa.  For Five consecutive years they were featured performers on the highly popular and widely broadcasted PBS Program, “Championship Ballroom Dancing”.

The precocious Gocha began competitive ballroom dancing at the age of six in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.  He and Shorena were seven times undefeated Giorgian Champions in Latin, Standard, and the combined Latin/Standard category, Ten Dance.

As a young Georgian, Gocha studied theater, drama, and film.  At the age of eighteen Gocha began producing choreography and teaching in the Theater School of Liberal Arts College.  Gocha, the consummate artist completed his college degree in art, specializing in painting, graphic design, and costume design. 

Now, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, Gocha’s brilliant coaching and choreography have produced many successful amateur and professional couples in Dallas, L.A. and throughout the US.